Thursday, July 30, 2020

More thoughts on War of the Roses basing.

 Well more thought and more ideas. I have always been a fan of multi basing and these larger ‘impetus’ style bases do have a lot to offer.
On rereading the Peter Pig web site, they do say these large bases are fine for Bloody Barons. Also with 12 figures on a base, Lion Rampant is doable. A dice to mark down casualties in both games.
 The main pull for a large base like this would be the ‘story’ you could tell with wounded and dead figures and the ground, also the effect of snow and arrows covering the ground. I still to this day haven’t found an excuse to use snow effects on a base, after chickening out on my Hobbit armies. Of course snow could mean only one battle, Towton, but that’s my chosen conflict in the war so all is fine. It would be nice to do some muddy bases with snow over the top.

 Impetus examples, clearly showing that you do not actually need all twelve figures on a base.
I plan to add about three or four men at arms in full harness at the front of the bill bases.

Now I have scratched this little hobby itch I can put it away for a future project and crack on with my ECW forces. I think I will buy the odd box and quietly gather a small army in the background and try not to pressure myself about painting any figures.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

War of the Roses

 I’m playing around with the best base size to game War of the Roses. After lots of rule research, I have settled on the very flexible three to a base. It seems to lend itself to many different rules sets. Bloody Barons, Lion Rampant and Kings of War Historical being the favourites at the moment.
 40mm looks the best with the packed ranks, but I thought I would just push it to 50mm for some more wriggle room. Also 50mm would also stack up nicely into Kings of War regiments... early days yet... early days.