Saturday, June 27, 2009

Celts..thousands of 'em

"why us sir?" "because we're here lad....and no one else".

Batavians on watch duty

After giving It a bit more thought and research I came up with this design for the shield. I have two Auxiliaries sitting on their own in the cabinet with large hexagonal shields and they look good. The shape of the shields seem to scream out German to me and so I've started to think of them as Batavian.

I will add to them to produce a small skirmish unit of 12 Batavians, all with hexagonal shields (from AandA miniatures) and using Warlord Games Auxiliaries. The shield Design is German also which helps towards the Batavian character. Here they are, the odd couple. At the moment their shields are still blank, but already they look different from the other Auxiliary units.

Batavians on guard duty

This week I have been drawing up Batavian Auxiliaries and trying to design a good look for them. I like the shield design featured in Ancient Warfare Magazine and have seen It used elsewhere on the Internet for Batavians.
I like the idea of backing this design in the hope that It may become a kind of short hand for Batavians troops on the war games table and an easy way of recognising Batavians among other Auxiliary units. This is kind of wrong I know and may lead to misinformation, a bit like everybody thinking all Romans wore red after watching the old 60's sword and sandal films. However, I still like the Idea of using it.
Also, I want to include a few long sleeved and trousered warriors in there to give a bit of German character. These could be new recruits just arrived, or old veterans who have taken a few liberties with their dress.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Face Of Rome

It's tough at the top.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Covered Scutums

Hats off to Warlord Games for producing a huge mountain of Roman equipment to support their growing range. This week I bought Scutums with Pilum attached, very useful for skirmishing units and these covered Scutums. A nice touch and a worthy addition to any baggage train. Now the troops actual look like they're packed for the journey.

If there are any savage Germans eyeing this baggage train with greedy expressions...don't even think about it! At least wait until we clear the forest before you try anything.

Six more Celts join the throng

Six figures in six months that's quite some going. I have been so busy this year that I haven't had chance to pick up the brush. The weird thing now, is that I'm finding it really hard to get started again. The bug has gone and those Horse Archers are still there...laughing. I may need to give myself a juicy project to kick off again, maybe those Batavians I've been putting off for years...

Battle is near

"At last a chance to earn a promotion!" Centurion Severus on hearing the orders to attack.

Campaign Battle, Sunday 5th of July

The order has been given! The Army of Gaul with do battle with the Army of the Rhine. Will it be Tullus and the Senate who prevail, or shall General Dewolfus claim another victory for Secundus. Only the Gods can decide...that and a few dice of course.