Wednesday, July 10, 2024

War for Cybertron

The mighty bomber plane, Ground pounder got a new head. This one looks a lot better and is more in scale. I took it off a toy of Sound wave I think, hard to say as, I'm not up to speed on the later renditions of the animations.
A new head...but has it improved his processing?

It's a little thing but I gave Ratchet a new head piece and recoloured his arms. These little tweaks brings him more in line with the cartoon.
Ironhide gets a vehicle mode too, complete with top mounted photon canon. The vehicles are N scale resin pieces off eBay. To make them look a bit different I added plasticard detailing.

 I replaced Ratchet's brow piece to bring him more on character. I think he looks a lot better now, he looks a lot more serious...


Phil Curran said...

In case you missed it

Secundus said...

Oh yes I've seen this...not quite what I was expecting. They are taking it back and going down a kiddy, comedy route. Let's wait and see how it goes down. If it brings out a load more keyrings I can kitbash, I won't moan too much ;).