Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Aulus Proctavius Alanicus of the East (campaign 16)

This dust stained, weatherworn general is Aulus Proctavius Alanicus. He won his toga fighting against the Parthians and the Jews, in and around Syrria. He also fought in a number of battles to put a Roman on the Armenian throne, It was during these campaigns that Aulus won the reputation as a stern and unrelenting soldier, who pushed his men to their limits. He became a master of organization and deployment and although he was a hard taskmaster, he got results and his men loved him for it. It was after yet another sweeping victory that to his supprise, his men hailed him as Emperor. A title that sat on him rather well, he thought.


Scutatus said...

Ahem. I am of course, the natural choice.

The REAL power and security of the empire lies here in the East. It is the East that is Rome's greatest hope of prosperity. The West has become irrelevant.

Neither of those plebs foolish enough to think themselves my equal have realised that. They still cling to some outdated, romantic, foolish notion that the likes of Germania or Brittania still actually MATTER. They divert resources and material and much needed man power to protect these periphal insignificant back waters, when elsewhere we are increasingly hard pressed. Their rule would bring our grand Empire to rack and ruin.

Only I have the vision that can save our glorious world from extinction. I am the Empire's only hope. I am it's heart, it's soul and it's salvation. Where I stand, THERE is Rome! I AM Rome! All who contest me contest Rome itself! they betray us all!

Traitors, each and every one of them!

They shall be humbled, as all who have stood against me have been before. They shall see the light, they shall pay homage to the one and only true god, they shall recognise the error of their ways and join me...

Or they shall DIE.

Anonymous said...

Right On Scutatus.... I guess you have a need for us Sarmations then ?

Scutatus said...

Warmaster Bowmonica! Greetings!
May your sword remain sharp and your arrows fly true.

The Sarmatians are ALWAYS welcome in my camp. Their services always greatly appreciated.

Join me my friend, and you and your followers shall have first choice of the plunder on every field of battle.

Furthermore, once I stand unchallenged, you and your people shall be granted the province of Scythica, free to live as you wish, without any Imperial interference. And should the gallant Sarmatians ever require the assistance of Rome in the defence of their new home...we shall be there. This I pledge to you.

All I ask in return is that you supply a regular contingent of your warriors to fight alongside my men. Something a warrior nation such as yourselves will surely not find too disgruntling, eh?

Open plains to roam at will, good horse pasture, independance, battle, plunder AND security?! What more could the Sarmatians want?

Join me, become rich by my side, and I shall officially name you a Friend of Alanicus. Your people shall know Glory.

Anonymous said...

My lord shall hear of this!

Secundus said...

Arrrrrr the beast from the East is stirring at last....stirring up trouble by the sounds of it! Beware his honey covered words, in the forum he may out dance me but on the field my strength of arm and swiftness of blade will clear things up pretty damn quick and strike straight at the heart of the matter....I have heard that the desert sands hide many snakes, some larger than others but they all have one thing in common....a forked tongue...beware!

Anonymous said...

I was only asking...

Secundus said...

Stuba, you know the west is the best, don't be lured away with false promises and honey words.