Friday, March 19, 2010

Blast from the past

On visiting an old work colleague yesterday I was presented with a box of of cartoons I'd drawn for him back in 2005. Amongst them I found a couple that would sit nicely on the Blog so I scanned and shaded them. The first is a page that describes the loading process of a flintlock musket and the second was one of many French doodles.

These two French soldiers must illustrate what I was painting at the time back in 2005...happy days.


Consul said...

When does the spitting come in?!


P.S. I'm investigating ECW rules at the minute with a view to writing my own at some stage, i'll let you know how I get on!

Secundus said...

Sharpey...three rounds a minute.

Rob Alderman said...

Very good!
I like the little guide. Would be nice in a kids' textbook I reckon!

Or in an adults one! I'd buy it!



Doc Smith said...

Five with tap-loading!

BTW - do you draw and scan or use a Wacom tablet or something similar before Photoshop-ing?

I've tried a couple of cheap versions of the e-drawing tools myself but without much success. I use CorelDraw and find it does all the Photoshop functions as well as graphics etc, after scanning the artwork in.

Love the finish on your cartoons BTW (and the cartoons too!)


Broeders said...

Wasn't it bite, pour, spit (bullet down barrel), tap, present, fire and repeat?

Secundus said...

Hello Doc, I use both. These old pictures have been drawn with pencil and then scanned into Photoshop. My new experiments with photos and Characters are drawn on the photo with a Wacom tablet and sylus.
My new computer and my old wacom tablet have fallen out though and keep arguing with each other. It's not good.