Friday, July 08, 2011

Cybermen made easy

Here is a line up of the contenders for the forth coming Cyberskirmish. The smaller two on the left are old figures from Citadel, the first being plastic. The larger one on the plastic base is from Black Tree Designs.
The whole Cyberman order arrived really quickly which surprised me some what. Cybermen must be a lot less popular than WWII soldiers that's all I can say.
I've decided to go with the BTD figures as they are quite imposing and match the right size for Cybermen, who are meant to be 7ft tall.

I have been trying out different ways in which to paint up the Cybermen. Simple is often the hardest thing to get right and the Cybermen were very simple, being silver all over.

The silver flight suit was darker than the mask which was sprayed silver with no other details.
First I tried dry brushing silver over a black undercoat, the detail looked good but I couldn't get that DR WHO low budget look I was after.

In the end I copied the actually live sized suits and sprayed the figures with silver car paint. This works really well! I then give them a wash of Citadel black Ink and then dry brush their body armour with silver paint again. This adds more shine and makes the body armour stand out from the darker suit underneath. Very simple and the most important thing...very quick and easy to do.
Cyberleader; "EXCELLENT!"


BigLee said...

Cool minis.

Ray Rousell said...

Very nice, probably the easiest paint job you'll ever do!!

Anonymous said...

Black Tree one looks the best as the Citadel ones look like their holding a large ice cream or lolly?

Data Entry Clerk said...

Thanks for sharing.

Karitas said...

YEah, the black tree one really has the "silver boiler suit and wobbly head piece" fell. they are wicked :)

And yeah I wouldnt change anything on your ideas for paint, except maybe to just say to make sure your drybrush is a dry brush, cos if you wet brush these you'll lose that subtle shine for a smear and that would be bad :)

Still think this is an awesome idea for a game :)

Paul´s Bods said...

I´ve just started grinding down the family heirlooms...all gold of course :-D
Maybe the blacktree one isn´t holding an ice cream but something else..I mean..where do baby cybermen come from.? Are there any cyberwomen??
Nice looking figs :-D

Secundus said...

The Cybercontroller has got to be a woman!

Anonymous said...

Lets not go their Paul, as its just too left field!

The Angry Lurker said...

Damn good result, nice work.

Anonymous said...

These were done with chrome spray model paint and a black ink wash:

I think your method shows the detail much better.

Paul O'G said...

Very kewl!

Scutatus said...

Looking good! :D

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Fantastic post :)

I'll have to get some of these