Sunday, January 18, 2015

28mm ACW Scale Guide

 I often try to find scale guides for 28mm ACW on the net and although they are on there,  they don't include everything that is on the market. So frustrated with this and with new releases popping up at an alarming rate, I thought I would create my own.

I have included every range I have for 28mm ACW and to my knowledge haven't missed anything out. I have tried to line them up from smallest to biggest so gamers can see the scale.

To be honest most are very similar with just one (Renegade) being maybe too big to mix with other makes. I have also included some of the more recent ACW releases, these include Crusader, Steve Barber and Forgotten and Glorious all of which are relatively new to the scene.

Anyway I hope this simple chart helps.


Mike said...

Very handy guide - thanks :)
I agree that they mix really well on the whole.

Mad Padre said...

That's a very helpful chart. My own ACW collection includes almost all those makes, as well as some vintage 1970s Minifigs ACW figures that are the smallest by far. I put them all on the table, it works for me.
Those Forgotten and Glorious figures are quite lovely, aren't they?

StuRat said...


Thank you.

Nice to see that I can use pretty much any of the figs together. Although Renegade and Dixon should either be the occasional figure (big guy, little guy) in a unit or completely separate units.

Location longue durée said...

Great Thank you

Al Maurer said...

This is the best comparison guide I've seen--for infantry. Anything for cavalry?

Linda said...

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