Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Does size matter?

"Sir, It looks like he bought his cavalry from Renegade Miniatures!!"

Let It be known that Renegade Miniatures make some fantastic figures and with their new Regiment deals, they are unbeaten for value. However; be warned, their horses are rather on the large side.


ZeroTwentythree said...

HAHAHA. Wonderful.

Fraxinus said...

'chortle chortle' great cartoon!! Brigade Models releasing WW1 Belgian Cavalry at Salute wonder what the 'hosses' are like too

Anonymous said...

They don't look too bad. I think you we (wargamers) just used to the fact that most companies don't make horses full sized... I have always been of the opinion that they do it to save money on lead! *cough* Foundry! *cough* Horses can be frakkin big.

Secundus said...

Yeah I know, If you've got'em...paint'em, is what I say.

BigRedBat said...


If it was me, I'd either go for all smaller or all larger horses... I'm a fascist when it comes to size! I have a load of spare Renegade horses if any use to you.

I was chatting with a mate last night, and he says that he thinks Bicorne horses might be a similar size. Some BTD horses are pretty huge too; perhaps you could use a mix of those to give variety in the poses? BTD, in particular, are very cheap these days.


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I saw this. Empire Strikes Back was always my favourite. Wonderful joke Simon.

As for "not being used to full sized horses". One should remember that Simon and I are mostly used to the Roman period when horses were far smaller than they are now.

Horses can be frakkin' big NOW, but they weren't always so. Not until we started meddling with breeding them did they begin to gain in size and girth. Most of that breeding did not occur until the middle ages onwards. In the Roman period that Simon and I are more familiar with, most horses were actually more akin to steppe pony size, rather than the horses we know today. Most figure companies actually get this WRONG, giving us horses too large for the time they portray.

So Simon's reaction is quite understandable as far as I am concerned.

Secundus said...

I have have just recieved some Bicorn horses and they are the same as Renegade...quite large.

They don't bother me too much, as once you have a couple of units painted up togehter they will look fine.

They have got huge behinds though, easily enough room for a squad of cold assualt Stormtroopers!