Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dipping Horse Archers

At last with my new found 'dipping' technique I am tackling my Horse Archer problem. These guys have been sitting around on my table for what seems like years. Generally getting in the way and gathering dust, I thought I would at last take care of them once and for all.
I thought It would also be a good opportunity to try out various colours, both on man and horse to see which ones looked the best once dipped in stain. I was pleased with most of the horse colours as the stain works well on shading flesh. I found It wise to always paint the figure slightly lighter than you wanted it and so used the mid-tone and the highlight ranges in the 'Foundry' paint range.

I was pleased with the results and six detailed Horse Archers were finished in an afternoon. I still have six to do but I'm finding this new way of working really enjoyable and can't wait to get stuck in.

I have also been thinking this technique may work well for creating units for the English Civil War, with lots of light buff and brown colours. It could mean the difference of actually playing a game with two sides instead of just finishing one.

I think I will still take time on command personalities but as for the masses, they can be dipped without worry. At least once dipped they can be used in a game, I think it is this last thought that really wins the argument for me that dipping is the way forward, especially with time being an issue these days.


Consul said...

Hurrah! You've finally seen the light...of the darkside!

BigRedBat said...

They look very nice. What are they, 1st Corps?

Secundus said...

persian Horse Archers from 1st Corps

BigRedBat said...

You might like the new Vendel Parthians; they must be a similar size.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I was thinking the same thing in that army painter would work well with ECW.They look nice.


Davenz said...

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