Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cyberstrike Force Assembled and Ready

After the Silver spray paint was dry I gave the figures a wash of black Ink. This worked really well, better than dry brushing the Silver on. This looked much closer to the original suits worn by the actors in the 80's. Here is the completed Cyberforce. It contains four squads of seven, a Stealth squad, a heavy weapon (Cybercannon), a scout squad and of course, a Cybercontroller.

Each squad is lead by a cyberleader with his black handle bars denoting his rank. There are also two casualty figures that I made up from the old Citadel plastic range. If I find time I'd like to knock up a few more, but time is a rare thing these days. Talking of time, this must be the quickest army I have ever painted.


Monty said...

Nice one! Just remind me Secundus where you got your figures from?

Secundus said...

I got them from Black Tree Designs. They're the best around I think.