Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hightech CyberLanding Shuttle

Flocked and locked, these bad boys are on a one way mission to Earth, hold on to your Enfield Alan here they come!

Can you spot the five Stealth Cybermen...no...good aren't they.

A lone Tommy calls out in vain but is quickly silenced.

Job done, right I'm off for a Cyberpint down the Cyberpub. Mind you going to the Cybertoliet might be difficult, as I can't find the Cyberzip in this damn silver Cybersuit.


Paul´s Bods said...

I´ve started grinding my gold fillings into dust as I write this :-D
Now all you need is a midland red bus, some season tickets and the invasion can begin.
grand looking army

Secundus said...

Thanks Paul, nice a quick too.

Ray Rousell said...

Very good!! the stealth quip made me chuckle!

Unknown said...

Still trying to find those damn stealth cybermen ^^

Secundus said...

@sebastofig look to the left of the photo and count three up. I can only help you once, the rest you will have to find on your own.

airbornegrove26 said...

Hey Simon,
Like I said I was wanting to know more about some of your campaign table. Mainly the ''table of the Gods' and what tables you have for invading a province. I didn't know if you wanted to go into detail on this post. Or if you could just e-mail me at airbornegrove26@hotmail.com Would love to discuss this in greater detail. I'm trying to get ideas for my Roman campaign.