Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quick Painting Guide for WWII Tommy

I left a little black showing through around the equipment here and there. The base was dry brushed with Foundry's Sand 'a' and 'b' pots.

Foundry's Spear shaft 'b' and 'c' pots provided a great Lee Enfield colour. I'm just sad I didn't find out about it sooner. It always pays off to read the odd painting guide or too!

I found the Foundry WWII colours very helpful with painting these figures. Their Green Blanco 'c' pot gave a great colour, that kind of weird green that is hard to mix up. I didn't go for the 'B' pot but went straight for the highlight shade to paint the webbing and equipment.
This is a tip from experience.

The metal of the Lee Enfield was painted using Coat d arm's 'gun metal' paint. The whole gun would later be washed with black Ink.

I try to add a little more variety into the unit by changing the colour of the webbing on individuals. My Platoon is painted up for the Normandy campaign of 1944, so most of my men should have the green Blanco coloured webbing. A few though have not got around to colouring theirs yet and still sport the desert colours of earlier years.

Now that all the large areas have been covered I moved on to the more detailed side of things. The webbing and all its variants can be quite interesting to paint.

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Rodger said...

Looking really nice. I like the base colours.