Monday, February 12, 2018

Flocking Middle Earth

 Moria is over run with goblins..! Bolg's bodyguard lead the assault and push the Dwarves back deeper into the depths.
 I found some time last night to put some extra touches on some recent eBay purchases. Gearing up for my 'Battle of the Five Armies' games, I realised I didn't really have any mountainous terrain. This is something I had to rectify!
 I love this model...and they call it a MINE...a MINE!

 This will be great for my Dwarven stronghold and make a great objective in a game.

 I also purchased some cheap hills/rocks. I thought these would be handy for must eras and fitted nicely with my latest interest in the French and Indian war.
 My eBay resin rocks finally get their flock and tufts and so are now finished. It's hard to make yourself crack on at night when your tired, but the sense of joy you get when everything is done is amazing.
 Some extra love was put into this already amazing model. I didn't really have to do much on this one just add some more flock and tufts.
 These large rocks were given patches of granite grey paint and green washes. Then flocked and tufted like everything else.

 They will also make great bases for my Goblins to spill out of. They are covered in deep cracks and crags, these from a distance look like deep tunnels and caves.

The sun finally comes out and the grass starts to grow again. Job done!


Conrad Kinch said...

Nice work there squire.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Cracking looking terrain!


James said...

Can't wait to see you get a game on!

Jim Jackaman said...

That's going to look splendid all together!

roma912 said...


Milo Burgh said...

Awesome terrain, man!!

Little Odo said...

It took me while (on and off over the last few days), but I have now read almost the entire blog beginning to end. What an inspiration! I was especially drawn in by your Roman and fantasy stuff. I am looking forward to seeing your enormous orc, goblin and warg army in action against dwarfs, elves and men (do you have mannish armies on the go at the moment?). There are some fabulous old school miniatures in there painted in a suitably orcish fashion.