Sunday, July 11, 2021

Best I’ve tried!!!

I saw this being talked about on line and so ordered some on eBay. Well I was shocked how good it actually is. My usual Vallejo matt varnish does dry with a slight sheen, which has a charm of its own. However, covering the very glossy Army dip probably doesn’t help.

 Anyway, I put a few drops of this new Ultra matt varnish into a dish and it was really watery. I read on the bottle it is designed for an airbrush. I used my nice soft brush to soak some up and apply to the minis being careful not to swamp them. Any pooling was soaked back up and brushed away.

The results are amazing and lead to me going over my entire Lake town army. They have always had a good sheen to them that was just on the annoying side of okay. Anyway, this new stuff just took it all away. Next up my Wolf riders got a lick and came off looking much better. I didn’t put any on the metal work or weapons which leaves that looking slightly different. A sheen on metal work always looks good in my eyes.

It really improved the look of big flat areas like cloaks and made them look a lot more soft and material like.
The new and the old, the Vallejo stuff is a lot thicker but does leave a slight satin finish. Be warned, the Ammo stuff is very watery even after a good shake but still can be brushed on.
The army of Lake town is now much more matt than before, this is important because most of them are in soft clothes not armour. It’s a real game changer now I’m using Army Painter dip more and more.

 The wooden shields also look better being more drab.

I guess the word ‘Ultra’ in the title should of been a give away.


Mr Ballista said...

I find Vallejo varnish is much more Matt if you airbrush it. Don't know why

Independentwargamesgroup said...

Thanks for the recommendation.

Rob said...

Thanks for the tip, it looks really good and makes your painting stand out. I've always used a bit of gloss on some parts of a figure after matt varnishing to bering out the different materials, e.g. metal vs cloth. On the other hand my spray varnish sometimes goes cloudy so this sounds a lot safer.

Neil said...

Wow those really look good.

caveadsum1471 said...

That's a very impressive matt varnish! Laketown boys look much better!
Best Iain

Secundus said...

Thanks Rob, it’s a great new find for me. I’ve even bought another bottle already to stock up.

Secundus said...

Thanks guys, I even started to make my way through my ACW stuff now, well the officers anyway.