Monday, July 26, 2021

More Archers of Esgaroth

Another batch of archers for the Esgaroth army with enough spare to create a unit of skirmishers.

 These new guys have been created by two new sets of plastic kits. Conqueror games medieval archers and an archer sprue from Fire forge.

The Conqueror set was a little tricky with the forearms being stuck into a sleeve affair, but the results were good enough. The Fire forge set was good with some nice new long bow arms to add to the mix. 

I also bought a sprue from the crew men range from Frost grave after seeing this ship’s hook thingy, very lake town I thought.

The new officer of the group.
Above, the captain of the skirmishers carefully picks his way between the rocks of the Lonely mountain.
The last of the Frost grave soldier bodies gets used up with some Fire forge arms. They have been an excellent piece of kit for this Lake Town project, better than any metal figures I could think of for the part. In fact all of these early Medieval sets have been perfect for the Esgaroth look. I do think the extra green stuff hoods etc have helped though, making each one different and unique.

A skirmisher strikes a pose with a sword.
When in doubt a little hair will do to add some character.
At least five of these new guys will be put on two bases to act as skirmishers. I worked out who these were and made them look a bit like rangers. Hardy men of the hills who can use their cunning to lead the enemy into a trap. 


Unknown said...

nice work

Jim Jackaman said...

Some great mix and match conversion work there...very nice!

Aly Morrison said...

Nice work with the green stuff…
You have got yourself a nice mix of characterful figures…

All the best. Aly

Chyna Reinger said...

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