Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Coastal basing

I found this Coastal basing grit on eBay and thought it would be perfect for the Fomorian bases. The tiny white pieces are meant to be shells.

Over this grit layer I applied some green flock, this stuff looks great as dry seaweed.

I also added a slightly larger grit to create a bit more detail. This was added in tiny patches around the base.

A little starfish clings to the rocks.

I also added some resin skulls to the base to give it a mystical feel. 

I found the bigger bold sculpts worked best on the base, lots of holes and tubes. Something to remember for future bases.



~ Tom T said...

Great work yet again! They're enough to give any land dweller bad dreams.
~ Tom T

Simon said...

Nice basing!

Rob said...

They're great - really capture a seaside look and the starfish is a lovely touch. I can't really tell from the photos but have you 'moistened' any of the base with some gloss varnish?

Codsticker said...

Definitely effective seaside basing- it looks great.h