Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finishing off the legions.

I have finally got around to working out and painting up all the missing command bases for my Roman forces. For many years some of my oldest legions have been without their Eagles, well not any more. It's a little thing but it means I can sleep easier at night now.

Next up are those Celt cavalry which have been gathering dust over the last few months. Now the Cybermen are done I can get back to them and hopefully clear the table.

Eagles for the armies of Britannia, Africa, Pannonia and Gaul.

Above is the Eagle for the African forces, made up mostly of old veterans recalled back into service.


Sire Godefroy said...

Yeah, centurions! Did a small coverage of these chaps on my blog lately, so these are of great interest for me. You've chosen some excellent models there, I envy you for the Gorgon/former Artizan Primipilus in particular.
Of course, lovely paintjob as well.


Anonymous said...

Looking good Simon.

What's a lot of eagles called?

Bluewillow said...

a common problem, I have missing standards for my cohorts, one day I will order some more!