Friday, January 25, 2013

Painting a Civil War Regiment

These extreme close ups show just how crude the base colours are. At this point I'm not too worried as I know that I will highlight these after I have glazed them with AP. The figures are starting to look human now, it's amazing what a little flesh colour can do.
On a few of the doublets, I lightened the colour slightly. This should give some variety to the ranks of green coated men. I also gave a couple of them buff jerkins to wear, again just to add variety. The term 'uniform' at the time of the Civil war was taken at the loosest possible meaning of the word.

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Scutatus said...

The idea of "uniform" always was loose, and still is even now. In the modern British Army there are over a dozen different "orders" of dress, from Full Dress, Ceremonial and Service Dress to Combat DTP's and everything inbetween. Amongst those dozen or more "orders" there are as many Regimental variations as there are Battalions, and, especially once on campaign, amongst those regimental variations there are countless more individual personalisations and improvisations, just as there always have been. The variations might have become far subtler these days - but they are still there. ;)