Friday, January 25, 2013

Time for the 'Dip'

I brushed on a glaze of Army Painter rather than dip the figure in a tin of the stuff. The Army painter used was infact a new product, a water based bottle of the strong tone. I'm used to leaving my stained figures for twenty four hours, so this water based solution was a god send, for it dryed in minutes rather than hours. I don't know how long one paint pot sized bottle will last me, or how many figures it can do, but I was pleased with the results. I also prefered the control I had with the water based stain. Like Ink but with better coverage I would say.
The stain still wet, but already the figures are looking better.
After about thirty minutes I started to paint on the same base colours over the stain to act as simple highlights.


Monty said...

First off, great work and thank you for sharing you series on AP dip. I'm a 15mm guy but I've bought up a bunch of Saga and a tin of AP. I haven't given it a go yet but looking at your results and suggestions, I'll do so with more confidence than before I read your series. Nice project too!

VolleyFireWargames said...

Hey there have you compared it to the vallejo paints large pot of washes? Over here in the states -They are 10 bucks for a nice large half pint about the size of the regular Army painter tins.

Anonymous said...

Nice job job :-) I've also just started using the water based wash, Strong and ark tone on my 28's and like yourself have found it a god send.