Tuesday, December 04, 2018

15mm Sci-fi Jungle

 The other day I found a packet of bright blue static grass in a hobby shop, 'great' I thought, 'that would be perfect for my 15mm project'.

 Now with sci-fi stuff you have two options, you can either go Near future...where everything is kind of like now with a few advancements, or you can go real outer space Sci-fi. I have deduced that with my Mech walkers and alien races I had better go for the latter. So, that said, I thought blue static grass would be weird but would defiantly show that it is something not of this earth...very Sci-fi.
 "You're not in Kansas anymore soldier!"
 Blue grass helps to give the bases an off world feel and also gives the troopers something to listen too as the burn the world.

 Well, one thing lead to another and before long I had pulled out the bags of Aquarium plastic plants I had been collecting for over five years. These I had picked up cheaply if and when I came across them with this project in mind. They gave the look of a very different kind of jungle to what we are used to seeing. My wife hated them and thought they looked silly, but it's like I told her, things up there are very different to down here. It always takes time to adjust and not to be scared.
Resin corals too come into their own when placed out of context.


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very nice work!

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