Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Sci-fi Jungle Fever

 A giant seed pod, this fruit stone has been in my stone box for years. I had scoped up the stones from the garden and the fruit stone was in them, glad to see it finally be of use.

 These plastic flowers were found in a garden centre, all I did was pull them off a larger stem and they were good to go. They look more like an alien woodland rather than a jungle. I stuck round pebbles on them to add to the effect.

 The bases were flocked using different colours and lots of blue grass again.

 Don't breath in...get that mask on trooper!
A Sand Titan smashes through the Yong yong trees in search of prey.


Jim Jackaman said...

I love the Yong pong trees...very alien👽

daveb said...

Great looking alien foliage. I really need to get gluing on my own strangely coloured aquarium stuff. I find storage is a bit of a pain with these types of forest terrain bases. Any wisdom on that angle?