Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Circle is now Complete

My little boy always wants to paint like Daddy, so after a bit of thought I popped into a local store to see if I could get a cheap paint set for beginners. Well, cheap and Games Workshop don't normally go together but I came away with a basic set with some new Chaos marines...or monsters as called them.
At this stage I thought it better to use these Acrylic paints we use for almost everything.
Always remember to wear some sort of protective eye shield when painting Chaos marines.

Some British Tommies soon take care of the infection.
It was quite interesting for me looking at these new GW figures, they have certainly changed quite a bit from my day and I have to say I like the new taller size. They new snap together figures were cleverly worked out and a great step for a beginner. My little boy is only five so these are a little too old for him to be honest but he enjoyed painting one before he got bored. He did a good job and It was funny to see him use some techniques I had taught him about brush care.
Nice simple figures that are very cleverly put together, I have long since moved on from GW but hats off to them.
 I started my figure painting with Citadel figures way back in 1985 so its a good place to start.


caveadsum1471 said...

Sweet, nice nurgle marine!
Best Iain

Phil Curran said...

Corrupting them when they are young, good man.

airbornegrove26 said...

It's fun when the kids take interest. My daughter is 6 and really enjoys painting and messing around with the minis when I have tables setup. You'll be back to campaign games with him before you know it, just dont forget to blog the campaigns. LOL

Russet Captain said...

Awesome, cannot wait till my little boy gets to that age.

Adelaide Gamer said...

'Tis a good feeling, aye. Remember when GW just made Traveller? Those were the days.

Mr Ballista said...

He's grown up quick, I remember you posting about his birth and a pic of you trying to bottle feed and play WAB at the same time.