Friday, October 18, 2019

Future Camouflage for APCs

 Right here we go.

 Let’s try this old and tested method of using blue tack to create some patterns. I’m kicking myself because over the years I’ve collected Tamiya masking tape for just such an accasion. However I can’t find them anywhere, even after turning everything upside down. I had planned to make the patterns with geometric straight edges but this was not meant to be. Maybe it was for the best because the models are very textured and time was a real issue again today, cutting all the tape into shapes would of taken much longer and I managed to crack this lot out in about 30 mins. They are drying at the moment so we’ll have to see how they turned out.
I always set out to do three colours but I have found sometimes the most striking patterns are just a combination of two. Also I don’t have an airbrush so I’m using humbrol spray paint, too many layers of this I think would start to cover fine detail.

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