Thursday, October 24, 2019


 This has been one of those projects where you really feel like you have pushed yourself into some uncomfortable places but come out wiser for it. I have finally got to grips with oil washes, used a Dremel, two part opoxy glue, weathering oils and tonight I had a light bulb moment and dug out some magnets. I had almost forgotten these, bought years ago for sticking 15mm Mechs together, they now came into there own on these armoured vehicles.

 These armoured vehicles looked great but were seriously lacking in the firepower department. So off to EBay I went again and found a great dealer called Any scale. On here I found some WWII American heavy machine guns for mounting on tanks etc. Although they are old looking, onced fixed  into place they should look fine.
At first I just had them stuck to the hull, this wasn’t perfect as they were low down and couldn’t swivel. Also they got in the way of anyone coming out of the hatch. It was around this time I remembered the magnets. Using some tiny but very strong ones I managed to build up the height of the gun mount that took it off the hull which allowed it to rotate 360%. Also when it was glued to the hull it was fragile and kept breaking off. I knew this would be a nightmare in storage, but with the magnets, the whole gun moved and could be removed without any worries. The main bonus for me though is the fact it can be moved around to aid game play and is now high enough to turn 360%. Finally got to use some magnets, another thing of the hobby bucket list.
I also used a larger couple of magnets in the command vehicle, again much joy at the sight of the turret rotating and staying in place. There has been ups and downs with this project but tonight has been a high. Magnets got to lov’em. As for the ‘Ground hogs’ they now look much more apt and look like they can put down some serious covering fire while their men mount up.


commissarmoody said...

Nice to see the Ma Duce rocking into the near future.

daveb said...

Nice work there! Magnets can be amazing or a nightmare, I've had both experiences with them. The pintle mounts really do add a cool factor to the apcs.