Thursday, October 24, 2019

Southern Command APC

I’ve been enjoying this latest project so much I bought another vehicle to practice on. Again from EBay, this mighty APC strikes me more as a fast, well armoured command platform. It is a lovely looking thing with more than a slight whiff of ‘Aliens’ about it. It’s very hard not to paint in olive green but I think I will match the scheme to the ‘Groundhogs’, so the force ties together.
A bit of work with the Dremel, but not a lot compared to the other three. It has a wicked looking rotary cannon on its turret, so this commander has some real bite if he needs it. Let’s hope I don’t roll bad and get a poor commander who freezes under pressure...we all know how that turns out.

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commissarmoody said...

rotary cannons are also great close anti-air. So duel purpose.