Tuesday, October 04, 2022

27th Inniskilling regiment of foote.

This week I have been trying out speed painting techniques of AWI British infantry. These are Fife and Drum miniatures and are a joy to paint.
Once I have blocked in the colours, I highlight the red then give it a wash with Army Painter Dark tone. I don't stur up the really thick, black stuff at the bottom, just two shakes of the tin. This means the dip is lighter in tone and doesn't drown out all the white areas, giving a nice grey shade.

My silver Sharpie has been working over time on the Brown Bess and canteens. The gold Sharpie is good for buttons too.

I will go back over the drummer with the buff paint to make him nice and strong. Also, I need to paint the Gorgots gold on the standardbearers. All Buff faced regiments had gold buttons, therefore their epaulets and Gorgots were gold also. 
The flesh I kept as one layer, but added a grey stubble layer on the chin. This all ties together with the black wash.
I thought I would do a quick size comparison between Perry Miniatures and Fife and Drum. I think fine on the same table but maybe not in the same unit.


Neil Patterson said...

Very nice.
Are you aware that your illustrations are being used for a cover of a book?



Secundus said...

Yes don't worry, he's a friend if mine.