Friday, October 07, 2022

Painting in the Buff.

British Infantry advancing in open order.

 I have discovered a nice set of AWI rules called Yankee Peas and Crackers, while surfing eBay. They are a great little set of fast play rules that are thoroughly soaked in the feel of the period.

 Great emphasis has been put on how the troops fought and in what formation (order). I'm looking forward to learning these in more detail. They have given me all I need to accurately base up and form units of the war.

Still waiting for the flags to arrive... Story of every Wargamer's life.

Not being able to wait until a full 48hours, these shiny boys get based up early. Painting the matt varnish on them like this is no problem, it might even be a bit easier in fact.

This part of the Battalion has been matt varnished and is ready for basing.
These buff faced regulars have been campaigning for a few years and have had their buff breeches replaced with white ones made from sail cloth. Only one man in the regiment retains his original pair of buff breeches.


Aly Morrison said...

A nice classic looking British unit…
I’m looking forward to seeing the finished unit.

All the best. Aly

blacksmith said...

Those rules seem interesting. I hope you do a review once you try them.