Sunday, February 05, 2023

Sunday in Ruins!

As all the models are now set and sealed, it's time to get some paint on them. I sprayed the new ruins and a few other bits with Halfords black car paint.
Here is a rock pool being lined up next for the Celtic Mythology project, yes you guessed it, more Fomorian scenery. 
This large Celtic structure will also be for the Celtic games.
The ruins get a black spray with a brown coat on the floor.

A selected paint range for painting large scenery pieces. I think I picked these up cheap from a garden centre.

Don't loose you head!
A few dry brushing layers later and things are looking up. It quite rewarding dry brushing my home made foam wall and seeing it come to life, so to speak. It matches well with the other walls now. I could use this stone wall technique to create cover for my dismounted ECW Dragoons.
I tried to get a bit more colour into the stone work by giving it brown and green washes. This just adds a little variation in the colours, it was looking a bit monochrome before. Green is always good for aging stone work.
I suppose I could use this for Moria in an underground game, my Dwarves would like that.

These statues were 3D prints off eBay and should finish off the ruined city look nicely 

 UPDATE: A few tufts and some mud later and we're almost there.

While I was playing around with watered down mud for the Artillery bases, I thought I would add some to the ruins. This just adds a little more contrast to the grey walls and floor.
The last step I think is to add some Arid Earth basing mix around the very edges.

I added another shade of the Vallejo mud to act as a highlight and to blend the first layer in a bit more. This was watered down into a kind of wash.

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