Saturday, February 04, 2023

Getting Crafty

It's time to get crafty again. These two pieces are custom made for me by Two Sheds Fred. They are going to be the ruins of Dale. While my work station is set up I thought I'd add some more detail.
I was pleased to see the foam bricks weren't melted by the glue. This was really fun and pushed me on to starting a new building.

I bought these three structures from eBay a while ago. They are 3D printed and I thought they were perfect for Dale. They make a great starting place for creating a building.
I added some more ruins using a bag of foam bricks cut down to size. These were also useful for creating fallen masonry.
Just had to make sure there was room for my 60mm bases.

I thought I would place a floor down by cutting up a cardboard box.

Once the floor was down, I filled the gaps with PVA and sprinkled grit onto the model.

This was then covered in a sealent from Luke APS.

My next project was tweaking these artillery bases, again made by Two Sheds Fred. I wanted these to be a little more ECW, so added some earth and branches.

I will use these as redoubts in my ECW campaign as well as artillery batteries for ACW.

Next up these broken statues get based. I was going to stick these in the building, but decided to base them separately. Hopefully, this will give me more options on the board.

I thought square bases suited them as they looked like plinths. I used cut up coffee stirrers to create stone slabs.
Here is another statue base, this time a pillar of evil from Reaper Miniatures. I will use this for a Formation structure.
The sealent used to set everything down and lock it in place.


James said...

Looking good!

Cornelius said...

Are the foam bricks soft foam or rigid?

Secundus said...

Brick are quite firm. It cut very well too.

Phil Curran said...

Useful in a number of gaming systems. Lovely jubbly!