Sunday, November 12, 2023

Hex-Wing Game.

The latest game from Prince Rupert's Gaming Club was revealed at this year's Warfare. It was a great idea put together by Simon George and the scenery looked great. I had high hopes for the game when I saw the set up and wasn't at all surprised when it took 1st prize.
The annoying thing is I had to bow out due to COVID...I was still testing positive so had no choice but to stay at home. My poster was used for the game so it wasn't a complete wash out for me, let's hope it helped with the win.

This was an old church I've had for over 15 years, this game of witches trying to blow up parliament seemed like a great excuse to paint it up.

I added some City rumble from Luke's Aps to help with the destroyed look. A black wash was put over everything to give it a burnt out look.

A last minute addition was a window made from a blister pack and a black pen. This was painted with contrast paints on the back.

A crude but effective extra that brings a bit of colour to a drab model.

The annoying lurgy results that just wouldn't go away. I guess it's something we have to prepare for every year now.

 Here are some pictures from today's game, a parady on the star wars trench run. Instead of x-wings, witches make the attack run, dodging various hazards and artillery fire to reach a vantage point to make a shot to destroy Parliament. The game was very busy apparently and the results are in the pudding.

I thought the board looked fantastic!

Gold squadron prepare for the next run down the Thames.


Rob D said...

I saw the game at Warfare and it looked great fun. I wish I had managed to get a go 😮

Grenzer John said...

I do like that "stained glass" you whipped up.

Phil Curran said...

A wonderful post and I'm so sorry you are still poorly. Get well soon.

Ray Rousell said...

Love the ruined church, especially the stainglassed window. Have to admit the game was one if my favourites from the show. It was a pretty cool looking set-up.

Everum said...

Your post was a great read! Your insights are valuable. Keep writing and sharing your thoughts!