Sunday, November 26, 2023

Snake fencing

I recently ordered some more snake fencing from Emperor Toad's Emporium. He creates characterful hand made scenic pieces, which are really rather nice.

They are a great starting point for scenery, as I always tweak them with some extra touches. For these fence sections, I painted them grey to make them more weathered and old looking.

Layers of lighter greys were dry brushed on to bring out the details. These are simple wooden barbecue skewers, so do have a wood grain.
This stuff from Gauge master worked really well. It can be cut into strips then stretched to create tufts.

I placed blobs of UHU along the fence, then tore off clumps of the stretched material. This made great long grass or hay along the fence.

This was blended into the base by also adding some 4mm static hay from 4Ground.

A few bushy tufts were added to act as weeds etc, these just broke up all the hay tufts.

Well worth the extra time and also quite fun.

 I bought this hay for my Orc bases but it's great for American scenery too.

UPDATE: stones and wash added 
Gravel has been added to act as rocks. Finding a good source of pea gravel is a boon for a Wargamer. Luckily, the house I'm renting has a drive full.

Once the UHU glue was dry, I gave everything a wash of dark paint, even the fence. This brought out the wood grain even more and helped tie everything together.

Soft cover.

The wash also adds another level of realism to the models.

The wash was made from Woodland scenics paint, which is very thin and great for such jobs.


Anonymous said...

Very very nicely done! I use similar techniques I learned from reading Model Rail Roading magazines & books. The mix of colors & textures makes such a difference. Nice additions to your table.
~ Tom T

airbornegrove26 said...

How long did it take you to get them??? I’ve been waiting on an order from him for over a year.

Aly Morrison said...

Lovely looking basing…
I may have to steal some ideas from you when I do mine…

All the best. Aly

James said...

Looking fabulous!
Although you'll need twice as much as you've got
You can also add rocks. Farmers would pile rocks along the edge of fields

Secundus said...

I do love adding rocks...

Secundus said...

Rocks added!

Secundus said...

I think we all have horror stories like this, I have one guy who still owes my over a hundred pounds worth of stuff.