Thursday, November 30, 2023

Woodland Indians

I'm just trying out some of these Woodland Indians from Warlord Games, to mix in with my Galloping Major figures. Galloping Major make great minis and have become my favourite sculpts of recent times. They are large figs but have a marvellous charm about them and I have started to look on them as a collectors range. They are definitely worth collecting as they are just so much fun to paint if nothing else.
I had seen that these Warlord plastic figures were quite tall so figured they might fit with the Galloping Major range. Their features are smaller but the height seems to be a good match.
One of the things that I like about these plastics is their animation, they certainly have nice energetic feel to them. This would be difficult to achieve in pewter to the same extent I imagine.
The box art will prove a valuable painting resource.

 I found it easier to stick the plastics onto a plastic base, before glueing them on the the MDF bases. This helped to boost them up to match the larger pewter figs too.

The warlord range has a great aggressive look to them and would make great units with a 'savage' trait, giving them a bonus in melee.

Having been completely hacked off with the nozzle clogging on my plastic glue more times than I can count, I thought I'd give another brand a chance. The Tamiya bottle has a small brush in the lid, so is easy to apply and can never clog. It's a game changer and I'm happy I took a punt on it.
I normally do this with plasticard, but as everything is packeded away for Christmas, I thought I'd try card. Thin strips of card were cut from the figure box and stuck on the figures as gun straps.
This worked well and the should last well once painted.

I think it just adds another level of detail that would be hard for the manufacturer to achieve. Simple and easy to do and very effective.


Bluewillow said...

They are a lovely set, a pity Conquest miniatures (original sculpter ) took down his painting guides as they were really helpful

Looking forward to your results


Phil Curran said...

A few sci-fi bits and they'd look good for Necromunda!

Phil Curran said...