Saturday, March 02, 2024

Autobot Re-enforcements

The new motley crew of Bots enter the war. The two small Bits transform into cassettes and eject from the large 'Wave' Bot behind.
I ended up using a head I had made for the first cassette Bot on this car torso. He ended up looking like a grizzled veteran. So I gave him some heavy weoponary. Taking a look from Kup in the TF comics, I gave him a cigar like bullet case to chew on.

I also stuck on a mean looking sword, he likes to get up close and personal.

Wildfire is born and heads off to battle. He is a large tank like construct, with a pair of mean rapid fire guns, hence his name.


Who would do this!? An Autobot statue shows signs of unrest, as Cybertron's peace starts to fracture.
I did a bit of an overhaul on this guy. A tiny nose and chin was added and his cigar was drilled into place. He was named Landslide in the end, quite fitting when looking at his weapons array.

This sonic Bot was given a repaint and earned the name Scramble. It seems to fit him better and evoke more of his role within the war.

I found another toy on eBay that might come in useful, it was billed as being the smallest Transformer ever. Well, it was a lot smaller than I was expecting.
It comes in at just the right size to create the cassette Bots. Rumble and Frenzy are definitely on the cards now. I just need to get the scalpel out and do some bodywork on that beatle.

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