Friday, March 01, 2024

Bot head

yesterday I set about making some heads for the small cassette Bots. These were based on Rumble, the Decepticon street punk. However, these turned out to be too large and looked odd.

In the end I used some heads off of some keyring bots, these were a much better size.
Today I tried out an old head on a new torso. That being one of Megatron from a latter era. The size works a lot better. One thing I really enjoyed on this build, was creating the gun. This was done by cutting up plasticard and various other plastic bits to add detail.

The Gaslands sprue has turned out to be a treasure trove of useful parts for this project. 

I kept the torso as is as it's full of great detail on the chest panels.
I think this colour scheme would be perfect for this  tank Autobot. The chunky pistol is not far off either.

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