Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Elf vs Wolf

  Wolves attacking their hated elven foe.
 Most of these wolves are from Ral partha and are a good size. I have put 5 on a base ( each of my bases regardless of rule system I want to have 6 wounds and attacks. Dragon Rampant actually matches this nicely...lucky for me) So the extra attack I have put down to the lightning reactions of the snapping wolves.
Again the extra wound can be put down to a savage leader with two wounds on the base.  So a unit is made out of two of these bases together making a unit of ten wolves. In the book they say six beasts per unit but I like my packs to actually look like packs. Once the six wounds have been used the other four wolves will just melt away into the darkness again. This I think feels right and gives a nice flavour to the wolf units.
What the hell happened here? This was all tidy last week... I'm out of time tonight more on this later. Bye for now.

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commissarmoody said...

The Wargs are pretty cool