Monday, June 13, 2016

Nick Lund Hobgoblin

This is a quick sketch of one of Nick Lund's 'Hobgoblins' from the late Eighties. They are simple and quite crude in design, but I have found they do make great Uruk Hai within the lesser Orc ranks.

 Their large square frames with apish long arms lends them very well to the descriptions in Tolkien's books. I find the ones with covered heads work the best, not a big fan of Orcs with Mahicans.

These are early sculpts and you can see the progression in Nick's work as the years went on. I have a bunch that will be mixed into the Uruk Hai ranks to lend some weight to the army.


tim said...

Nice! I had a few, back in the day, they were the elite of my very first orc army - as they were so much more massive than the Ral Partha orcs and goblins that made up the rest of the army!

Secundus said...

Ha ha yes I miss the old days. I have managed to grab some of these old figures off eBay. I seem to be buying and collecting but not painting, hopefully I will get some time back when my little boy gets older. :)