Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wolf Auxilaries

 The White Warg listens to a scout under a full moon.
 Here is a Warg leading a small wolf pack. I plan to dot these 'extra' Wargs around in the wolf ranks as if they are officers keeping the packs in order.
 The paint job on these figures is very quick and simple, dry brushing heaven in fact. I undercoated them grey first and then dry brushed them in darker colours and white for the underparts and legs. The grey undercoat shows through the dark greys on the upper coat and the wolf pelt effect is achieved. I also added brown washes to the coats and faces of the wolves, Reference books are a must when painting these critters. I also gave them bright yellow eyes that shine out of black eye sockets to help give them a chilling stare.

The Wargs and wolves have the ability to cross rough ground without compromising their movement rate in Dragon Rampant. This in mind, I made their bases really overgrown and tangled with plants and rocks, hinting at the wolves using broken ground to gain advantage on their enemies.

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Ubique Matt said...

Fantastic looking results.