Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Table that Time Forgot.

 This was my painting desk a few days ago before I hit It head on and cleared it up. Having a small child only leaves a few hours each week for hobby work and this is the result. Sitting down once a week to snatch an hour or two does lead to a lot of unfinished projects.
 I was getting grid locked when it came to ideas so I decided to do something about It. My wife and little boy went away for a couple of days and I realized It was now or never.
I'm glad to say that the work place is clear now with two projects on the go...well, maybe three.

My weak spot is buying and reading new rule books, Bonnie Blue Flag is a new 28mm ACW game and has got me all aflutter after reading it. I am researching ACW artillery at the moment to finish off a battery or three. Hopefully more on that later.


Phil Curran said...

I didn't laugh at all. Well I showed these pictures to SWMBO'd and she agrees that I'm not as untidy as she likes to believe. Like you I'm a sucker for new projects but the more I have on the go, and the more stuff I have out the slower I go. I now organise my things on a paint tray with a plan for the time I have each night. the tray is in the loft, easily accessible by lost ladder, it comes down only until I have finished that night then returns to the dark.

William Stewart said...

I was hoping for some "after" photos to inspire me to do some similar work. My wife, when she refers to my work area at all, calls it The Dumpster (is that skip in GB?).

caveadsum1471 said...

If I had a permanent work area that's what it would be like!
Best Iain