Friday, October 06, 2017

Bolg's Shield and Standard Designs

 Here are some shield ideas for the Body guard of Bolg. The idea being that the white triangle will represent the mountain of Gundabad with its three peaks. Then within the mountain or around it will be the red eye of Sauron. The mix of red and white on black background should look quite striking.

I tried to keep the designs really simple, the sort of quick, slap dash paint job a twisted orc would do. I don't see them as taking a great amount of time on artwork or decoration so these designs should work well for them. They will be painted quite loosely with a lot of running paint down the shield.

These designs will also make good standard designs. I will choose my favourites for the leader and his top warriors.
A commute to London is never wasted when there are shields to design, great fun.

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