Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Colonial Marines 28mm

 Here they are, the Colonial Marine Corps. As I’m a home during this time of crisis I had a bit of extra time to finish them off. I tried my hand at the odd piece of armour artwork and used decals for extra detail. Some of them are so small you can hardly see them, but I suppose it all helps with the personalised graffiti look.
 I have put  reference from my phone on this post so I can always find it again easily when I need it.

 This sniper isn’t from Woodbine miniatures, I think it’s from Scotia Grendel or something like that. I bought it off EBAY as I thought it would be good to include a sniper in the Platoon. He kind of mixes in and his scale is good with the others.

 It will be nice to include lots of variations in the armour for future figures, like an all green set or even a couple of desert camo designs.


Mr Ballista said...

Makes me want to watch the movie again. Now you need some aliens for them to fight....

Secundus said...

Yeah they are a huge part of my younger life these guys, it’s nice to finally paint some up.