Sunday, January 29, 2023

Basing Night

Confederate artillery gets based up and flocked.

These were a group I bought off eBay a while ago and tweaked slightly. I added a few old Dixen figures to them to pull them up to strength.

Finally got around to basing up these strange, scary standing stones for the Celtic mythology project. This first one is a sacrifice alter for an evil Fomorian god. Bronze swords are left as offerings to appease the cruel entities.

Very old, but not forgotten.
This is another stone strong in ancient magic. Enriched by the blood of brave warriors, this stone can bring victory to those who worship at her.
Offerings are made and promises given.
The Gods will always collect on a promise, they never forget... or forgive.

The last of an Orc host is based up and finished off.



Kev Moon said...


Rens van Vliet said...

Love the standing stones!
Did you put greenstuff on actual stones or can they be bought somewhere?

Secundus said...

They are stones with Milliput spread on them. Then worked with a putty tool into Celtic designs. Quite easy to do, they paint up well.