Friday, December 01, 2023

Orc helmets

Nothing says Christmas like an old rusty Orc helmet, so with that in mind, I thought I'd make some. Most of these old Orc sculpts are by Nick Lund and they have a charm all of their own.
I'm really pleased with this figure, I started him years ago, but never really liked his head. So, he got thrown in the bits box never to be seen again. Until now that is, sporting a brand new helmet. This guy could be promoted to lead a warband...

As well as Nick Lund Orcs from the early Nineties, there are also some of his earlier creations, Hobgoblins from the Eighties. They all carry Nicks characteristic style and so work well together.

Crude, hammered armour, you can't really go wrong creating Orc helmets. I'm still working on my chainmail sculpting though, very tricky.

I just really wanted to have a crack at sculpting today and these figures with their bare heads were calling to me.



Simon said...

Nice, I have quite a few Nick Lund figures.

David Wood said...

They look great. Sculpting is something that doesn't come naturally to me but I suppose practicing would help!

Scalene said...

Looks great. For the chainmail try going in rows, dragging backwards slightly on each hole. Swap direction with each row. This will give the characteristic CCCC shape. You need reasonably deep putty too.