Sunday, May 19, 2024

Lake Town Milita

Having run out of daggers on the various plastic sprues, I decided to have a stab at making some. Falling back on the trusty brush bristles again as they work so well for spears etc.
This trusty warrior has a large dagger/ short short, easy and quick to make.
These quick little builds are great for supplying the rabble with a bit of edged backup. They can also be decorated with a scalpel, scoring detail onto the scabbard.

This Elf gets a textured cloak by rolling a handle of a sculpting tool over it.simple and quite effective.

A ranger type gets a raggity hood to help with his look.

Another Elf, this time and officer, gets some leafy goodness to help him blend in.

More crude daggers, I imagine these to be fish knives for the Lake Towners, every day items snatched up and tucked into their belts.
It's always good to add extras with green stuff and these knives are no exception. Once painted they should look great.
Here is an Elven version, a much slimmer blade using a thinner brush bristle.
Another crude blade, this time filling up a large gap on the figures torso.
Larger more military style blades, kind of like Bowie knives for the more warrior types.

See below for a guide to quick and deadly daggers and short swords.

6, Lastly, score in details with a Sharpe knife.
5, Cut the end to shape it.
4, Once cut and flattened, you can shape the pointed end.
3, Flatten the end, leaving enough of the rounded length to act as a handle.
2, Cut it to a good length depending what style of blade you're going for.
1, Start with a brush bristles.

Update: Now comes the time of the spraying, 
It turns out I still had quite a few Lake Town kin left to do. Mostly Viking types with lots of peasant rabble sprinkled in for taste. There are some very tough looking warriors in the mix too. I think the best way to field this army in Oathmark, is to have quite a few units of militia, peppered with one or two units of warriors. Hopefully the warriors will give the force some backbone and stop it being swept away.

The Elven officer sporting his new leather equipment.
I created this guy today while looking for bits. He is a classic Lake Town denason. Maybe a night watchsman with his lantern.

I'm trying out a new product called Blue stuff to create casualty figures. These OOP figures cost a fortune on eBay, so I thought I'd get creative with it.
I'm very impressed with the results, the cast figure above is in Milliput. The detail is good enough for me and it should save me a pretty penny too.

The new brush bristle daggers seem to look good and the scored detail stands out well.


tradgardmastare said...

Conversions are full of character and the knife making ideal is very interesting. I look forward to seeing these painted.

James said...

Great stuff!