Thursday, May 16, 2024

Oathmark Human Light Infantry

Putting my Hobbit hat back on, I made up a few of these light infantry humans from Oathmark. Looking at the pictures online, they struck me as being good for Bard and his Lake town crew. On receiving a couple of sprues from eBay, I was also very pleased to see they would make great Elven torsos too.

This torso is a good one, with the high boots and open jerkin, I think this must be the officer figure on the sprue. These are obviously meant to make up lightly armoured Ranger types too as well as a peasant levie. It all equals good Lake town goodness. The long sword is a nice touch too as the men of Lake town are noted as fighting with them.
Old folk too pick up weapons and join the fight.
A standard from the first Oathmark human box makes for a good Esgaroth banner bearer.
Two Elves... You can see the heads work well on the human bodies. I would say the newer human sprues are crisper than the older Elf ones. The Elven cloak detail seems much softer compared to these latest releases.
Cloaks already added, these will save some Green stuff sculpting time in the Elven ranks.
The hard heads.

A couple of shields from eBay finishes the Lake town look. I'm not saying the films were any good but the odd prop doesn't hurt.

Update: I always enjoy adding a little Green stuff to the figures to cover joins etc. It's nice to have the cowls go over the arms too.

The leader gets a nice leather cowl to keep him dry in bad weather.
The standard bearer gets a bear skin to keep him warm and to show he's not to be messed with.

The old retainer gets a fancy leather hood.

This warrior gets a nice cowl.

This warrior gets an old worn out cowl that has seen better days.
I tried to use a textured tool to give a fabric look to this cowl. This isn't leather but a coarse weave.
The same with this one, a tool was used to leave a fabric texture. The material look was helped by making ripped holes in the garment.

Fancy Elves...this is a strange leaf like cowl.
Dark age camouflage at its best, the Elves are so ahead of their time.
There is a slight problem with the sculpted on cloaks, it makes it quite hard to put quivers of arrow on the backs of warriors. I added a silk wrap around an arm to get around this problem.

You can see here though, the new human light Infantry torsos are perfect for Wood elf types.
He also sports a leather leaf to protect his vitals. Most of my Elven host have these, are they little pouches too I've never really got close enough to tell you.

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tradgardmastare said...

Very nice work full of gaming potential.
I look forward to seeing them painted.