Friday, June 14, 2024

Cassette Bots WIP

This micro Bumblebee toy turns out to be the perfect size for a cassette bot. Rather than get bogged down trying to recreate Rumble and Frenzy etc, I thought I would just create some new characters.

 Standing knee high to the host bot is perfect size wise. It's also great to have a range of sizes in the armies. These little bots will have the scout stats in  the Xenos Rampant rules. They will act as the eyes and ears for the armies.

They are tiny and a joy to build.

Update: Ratchet the Autobot medic gets his Alt mode. There is something really nice about painting these tiny vehicles.

The first of the new cassette bots is painted up. I've called him Flashbang. Maybe the large panel on his chest could be used to dazzle other bots. Being so tiny, they need beefed up guns in able to damage other transformers.

He's a speedy little spark, the perfect scout for the Autobots.

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