Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Don't Be Hasty!

Reading through my ACW scenario books, I see a lot of hastily built defenses. Gettysburg springs to mind on Little Round Top.
I soon realised I haven't got any of these in my terrain box, so I thought I'd make some.
I sawed up some paint mixing sticks to form short, sturdy bases. I also beveled the edges to help with the look.
These are dead easy to make from twigs from the garden. I also mixed in a few plastic tree structures to act as smaller branches.
To tie these all together I will dry brush them white, then add some brown Contrast paints.

Soldiers hunker down behind freshly felled trees to escape the hail of bullets.

A picture from a scenario book from Brad Butkovich.
These little scenery pieces are a sinch to make and will come in handy for almost any period of warfare. American War of Independence comes to mind first, but even WWII and beyond. Well worth an half an hour's messing around.

 Update, I chose to use the Woodland scenics washes in the end. Contrat paint is a little pricey to use on scenery.

The twigs were given a brush of grey to help bring out the textures and details.

A green wash was then added to just add some colour to all the browns.
The green wash is quite subtle but does look realistic.

Update: All flocked with grass and ready for the board.

I went back and added a layer of Light earth flock, as I thought it looked like wood chips. The surrounding ground would be covered in with the stuff after the axes had finished their work.

A really enjoyable little side project that is dead easy to do and very rewarding.

The hornets nest!

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James said...

Great job!
I love banging stuff like that out when I can't concentrate enough to paint.
Just a frenzy of hot glue and wood fragments!