Monday, June 10, 2024

Hay Barn

A nice finishing touch to this barn was to sprinkle so hay/straw around the doors. I think this gives it a more lived in look and adds a bit more colour to the drab model.

I think it works well on these big doors where a lot of straw would be kicked outside.
Next up on the basing work list are the skirmishers. While I had them out, I couldn't resist putting together a couple of regiments for Bonnie Blue Flag.
I had given my units four skirmishers each as opposed to three in the rules. However, if I were to play a big game with loads of regiments, I could always go down to a single round base per unit. 

 The secret hay formula, I normally use this stuff for my Little Big Horn terrain where the colour is perfect for dry plains grass.


Unlucky General said...

Really lovely barn.

Donnie McGibbon said...

Adding the finishing touches has made the barn really very nice indeed, little thing like that makes a big difference, really good work.

Codsticker said...

The barn looks great- the bit of hay strewn around definitely adds that little extra bit of realism.