Saturday, June 15, 2024

Skedaddle Bases WIP


I saw recently that 1st corp had brought out some new skedaddling figs. This gave me the idea of creating a few bases for Bonnie Blue Flag. 

In BBF, if you roll 10% or less of your fire reaction test, your unit is removed from play. My idea is to create some little bases that can help tell a story.

Some of these are due to a withering fire and there is also a low ammo base too. This is my favourite so I'll be doing more of these. They just help tell the story of why the unit retired from action.

The big question for me was if I stuck them all on the base, can I paint them all at the same time? The answer is yes.

The way I  look at it is, if I can't see it to paint it, then no one else will see it either.

Other examples of running troops.
Some old eBay figs get turned into something useful.
A Union unit takes a devastating volley.

"Where are you going?"
Low on ammunition, fall back. Keep throwing the rocks though!

Update: The Union bases have been painted and coated with Dark tone dip.

"Stand your ground!"

Update: The Union bases have now been flocked. The uniforms have also been given a second coat of Matt varnish to give it a fabric look and feel.

A new smaller flock device has created some nice realistic grass tufts.

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