Wednesday, October 07, 2009

All done

The last shelf is filled and the floor boards give another creak.


RAZ said...

That's a rather impressive collection of painted figures. My figure shelf is a collection of boxes containing bare plastic and metal; more accumulation than collection.

Beccas said...

That's impressive. How many years work are we looking at for all those figures?

Secundus said...

Hello guys, I started painting these guys back in 1996.

First off I spent about 5 years painting up the Civil war armies and later started on the Romans. The Romans kind of took over then for a couple of years before I was taken by the French bug and started to put together a 1815 Napoleonic army.
The pull of starting a Roman Civil war based around 69AD prompted me to drop the French and pick up the Romans again.

I was well away painting romans until I started to get involved with some WWII Platoons which ate up most of this year.

However, I find myself back finishing off my Napoleonic range now with the release of some new rules of the period. I have so many Romans and their allies that I can safely laeve them for a while. I also come back to things when the mood takes me and It's always good to finish stuff of. Being a painter first i always tend to over paint and create vast armies that can not be all used on the board at the same time. My French army is getting that way but It's the joy of painting that keeps me going. The Romans are the same, but for them it works because I can devide all the hundreds of Cohorts into different armies which gives them regional character.

So about 14 years in all. This works out very roughly as:5 years Civil War,7 years Romans and Celts, 1 years French,1 year WWII. You can include a little Roman dabbling in all the other eras as they were always on the go.

In the loft I have suit cases full of old fantasy ranges from my childhood but that is another story. If I find the time I may put some up for old times sake, like the tiny 15mm Blue bellies earier.

~ Tom said...

Lovely figure cabinet! Is it a commercial one or homemade? I'm impresses by the hinges for the glass doors, but can't quite make them out. Could you please tell me more?

Wonderful figure painting, illustrations, and obviously a great time gaming! Looking forward to more.

Thanks in advance and Best Wishes
~ TT

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