Saturday, October 03, 2009

Is that a loaf in your trousers or are you pleased to see me?

The story goes that Napoleon ordered his men to pack extra warm clothes for their march into the frozen wastes of Russia. To save valuable space, he created the Baguette, a long loaf that could be carried down the soldiers trousers. Thus a national symbol was born.

This has turned out to be more myth than fact but I for one like it, so on this Blog's a fact!


Unknown said...

he he. interesting and funny.
By the way, in French we don't say "Le baguette", but "La baguette".
I know it can be complicated, but we have male and female words in our language.

Keep the drawings coming, I like them

Secundus said...

Arr yes thankyou, I knew that really... Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you like the drawings.

Napoleon is becoming a good friend of mine for he is great to draw and full of character. With his trademark hat and greatcoat he has become an icon, I enjoy drawing him so much I dare say there will be many more adventures with me and the little Emperor.

Andrew said...

One would think that the word, "baguette" would be masculine. You know because it looks.... masculine.

Have either of you read David Sedaris' book on this very subject of masculine/feminie french words? Funny stuff.

Secundus said...

No I'm afraid I have not.

Unknown said...

me neither, sorry, but curious to have a look

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